Wilf Rigter
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Wilfs ZX97 Article

First I want to mention a very important contributor to the ZX computer designs in this site, Wilf Rigter from Canada. He is the creator of the ZX97 computer which can be found in the projects section. He also features my design of the ZX97 Lite PCB layout on his own web pages. Wilf's help and advice was extremely valuable when I was building my original ZX prototypes several years ago. He helped a lot in validating my CAD schematics and debugging my prototypes. I hereby want to thank him once again. It is also thanks to his designs and help that a big section of this website exists.

To read more about the ZX97, I refer to our ZX97 pages in the projects section, see above.

Wilf also made his own website which features a lot of interesting projects, if you are interested to visit his site, follow this link, it's well worth your time!