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Links Page - in no particular order

Amstrad  - Copyright Owner of Sinclair Technology computer products

ZX-Team Homepage - main page of ZX-Team which has many interesting information and also details some photo's and descriptions about what went on at the ZX-Team Meetings.

Kai Fischer's Homepage - website made by ZX-Team member Kai Fischer, one of the most active hardware developers in the ZX-Team. Needless to say, his website is very interesting!

Andy Rae's Page - Andy made a website about the ZX81, one of his projects is what I did long time ago: building a ZX81 based on the ZX80. He is doing it on experimenting PCB using wires to make all connections between ICs. - Downloads and links for the ZX81 - emulators and ZX81 software

Keith's ZX81 Projects - ZX81 projects in programmable logic - from simple programmable logic chips until complex ones - G007 Hires Graphics Pack description and ROM

ZX81 - The Archive - Emulators - Pfiles(software for ZX81) - manuals and schematics

Wilf Rigter's pages - His Hardware ideas and schematics for ZX81กก - Website with some info about ZX hardware as well as original hardware items for sale

Andre's page at ZX-Team - Several games for ZX81

Bodo's ZX97 - FPGA design ZX97 with LCD interface integrated

Jupiter Ace - website with lots of info about the Jupiter Ace computer