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Welcome to my Sinclair Hardware Projects website.

This site offers the hardware designs which enable you to build your own copy of a Sinclair ZX computer, for example, you could build your own ZX81, ZX97 Lite, or perhaps you would like to build a Sinclair ZX Spectrum? Recreate some 1980s computing for yourself!

I am planning to feature some hardware expansions for the ZX computers and some combined designs which feature ZX computers and some expansions integrated into a single design, at a later stage.

This website is, just like my designing and building efforts, a constant work in progress. This means that projects will be featured as soon as the prototyping and testing is completed. Since I am doing this in my freetime and also work during the week, please be patient until projects are completed. Also, the emphasis will be on my favourite activity, making new interesting designs!

If you want to read more about what this website is all about, please read the Introduction pages.(recommended)

If you don't know what a Sinclair computer is :), perhaps you should check out the links section where I have included several interesting links to read more about Sinclair computers.

To see the different featured hardware projects and to know their completion status, have a look at the Projects section.

I am appealing through my website also to creative hardware minded people: you are very welcome to join and contribute to my website in any useful way. Whether you might have ideas, suggestions, schematics or tips for new projects to be designed into PCBs or to be included into larger integrated hardware designs, feel free to contact me(see contact page). I would be willing to design the PCBs for such projects and make them into full projects here if they are suitable. Adding pages here is very simple for me to do.

Also if you have some existing hardware which can be built as a suitable new project for other hardware enthousiasts and would like to feature a page on my website, feel free to submit the information by email and we can discuss if possibly I can make a page here describing your project. The idea of this website after all is to share hardware plans freely with others so they can enjoy building and using the projects with their ZX computers. Documenting the resulting CAD designs here makes sure that the projects are tested and accurately put into CAD schematic and PCB layout which increases the usefulness for others. Your own page(s) could be featured here if they fit in the context!

All of the computers here feature the Z80 microprocessor.


Enjoy my website!

Rodney Knaap


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