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Wilf Rigter

Let's start with the purpose of this website and what you can find here.

A few purposes of this website:

- documenting Sinclair ZX-family Computer technology

I believe that it is important to document the clever hardware designs which were invented by Sinclair Research in the 1980s. I will attempt to collect some links in the Links section(see above) to other websites for those readers not familiar with Sinclair Computers, just to get some more impressions. Of course, the plan is to document a lot of this information on this site. It is a work in progress.

- providing designs for making your own copy of a ZX-Computer

From documenting technology, for me, logically follows the next step: recreating it for yourself. This website goes further than to just document schematics from Sinclair Research. Sinclair, in order to reduce chip count and production costs, and perhaps make it more difficult to reproduce, used some integrated chips in their computers which contain 'unknown' logic, meaning that the chip is a sort of 'black box' which, in close connection with the CPU, performs some functions, the most important ones being producing the tv picture and reading the keyboard. Through several sources I have found the equivalent of the contents of these chips, so that we are enabled to rebuild working copies of these computers without actually owning such a 'black box' or rather, custom chip. Without this information, it would have been impossible to create this website and it's featured designs.

A few future ideas to be realised:

- providing designs for expanding ZX-Computers with new hardware

- providing integrated designs which combine ZX-Computers and hardware expansions

At this time, computer hardware manufacturers are using such a high level of technology that this technology is no longer very interesting for computer and electronics hobbyists to work with. That is why I believe that these more simple computers from the 1980s are much more interesting as an electronics project. Anyone with reasonable electronics skill, patience and precision can build the designs on this website.

As you will understand, making this website, designing layouts, building, testing and debugging prototypes is a time consuming work, subsequently you will constantly find this website as a work in progress. No indications can be given as to when certain additions to the website will be ready. It depends on many factors. Please be patient if a certain project is not available yet. In this introduction the general plans have been laid out. Just check out the projects section whenever you browse this website to see if there are any new pages or additions to existing projects. Also, projects could be already included in the pages before they are completed, just to inform visitors of the work in progress and already provide some information about what's to come.

Of course, this website is the result of not only my work, not only thanks to Sinclair Technology, but also it has been made with the valuable help of others who have contributed very important designs on which in turn other projects have been based by me. We have included some pages to acknowledge some of them on this website which can be visited by clicking the buttons on the left side. We hereby want to once again thank everyone who helped and contributed in all our efforts, not only those people mentioned on the left.

Please enjoy the website, and don't forget to email  (See Contact above) if you plan to build the projects. You could build your own Sinclair computer!

Rodney Knaap.

Important: About the copyrights of Sinclair Technology. These copyrights are the property of very well-known international computer manufacturer Amstrad. It is (obviously) not allowed to use any designs provided in this website and/or any Sinclair Technology found elsewhere on the internet for any commercial use at all. It is not allowed to sell computers built with or based on plans of this website with the intent to make any commercial profit or gain. Any person who does this, is illegally using copyrighted material and software content, and therefore could be subject to legal prosecution. The sole purpose of the designs in this website is to use them for your hobby, and perhaps for non-commercial educational purposes. (think of for example building one as your technical school project) It is at the grace of Amstrad's lenient and tolerant policy about Sinclair Technology copyrights that websites like this one can even exist, we wish to hereby thank Amstrad, respectfully and properly acknowledge these facts in our website, and ask visitors to also respect these facts.